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About Us

LuvHub works it from the inside out. The times are definitely changing…what used to work, doesn’t … people and systems need to reinvent themselves to stay relevant and useful.

Today you can’t drive your passion, message or mission on anything less than a tank full of authenticity so it is important to have a great and deep understanding of muse management and business that is led by the heart and implemented through the mind.

As a full spectrum video and audio production group we always start your project from the soul level and build it out until you see what you feel.

peace and hugs

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People who like us

"Working with LuvHub is like being seen in a crowd and heard outloud in a whisper. Dana is the man inside the magic and you never need to be more than you to be magic in his eyes. wow wow wow" • Doug Jack - Emmy Award Winning Choreographer

"We have clients nation wide who have video requirements of all kinds … product shots, web-series, narrative pieces etc …. Dana and his team have hit a home-run with every client. LuvHub makes our firm look great." • Steve Allen Media

"If you are searching for a production team that simultaneously utilizes skill, professionalism and heart, look no further. You will be more than satisfied while working with LuvHub, you will be inspired to create another project just for the opportunity to work with them again!" • Torrie - The Reconnection LLC

"My collaboration with LuvHub really opened the doors for my innate creativity and vision to express in ways I had dreamed of…and then even more! The support and imaginative ideas I got from working with LuvHub gave me a huge boost in confidence, visibility, and momentum in my career. Thanks!" • Philippo Franchini - The Musical Alchemist